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To A New Way To Learn Safety!

City Cross Safety helps you learn safe practices, whether you are seeking training for work, home or life in general.
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Why Choose Us?

Taught by American Heart Association Certified Instructors

Owned and Operated by Firefighter Paramedic Professionals

Comfortable and FUN learning environment

AHA CPR cards same day for Healthcare Professionals

  1. A Time Saving Tip!

    Go online to and take the online lecture session of your desired CPR certification, first! Then call us and we will schedule you for a skills check off.

    (We recommend this for Refreshers and those who feel comfortable with online classes!)

Heart Attack Symptoms

The 5 major symptoms of a heart attack are:​​
  • Chest Pain
  • Pain or Discomfort in the Jaw, neck, or back
  • Feeling weak, light-headed, or faint
  • Pain or discomfort in the arms or shoulder
  • Shortness of Breath